The Mineraluxe System

Getting Started on the
Mineraluxe System

First of all, congratulations on selecting the Mineraluxe System!

Here’s your guide to how to start up your hot tub and keep it running smoothly. We’ll try to keep it as simple as possible, but if there’s anything you need to know, just let your Mineraluxe retailer know. We’re happy to help.
Your best bet is to start the Mineraluxe System after a thorough cleansing, draining and cleaning of the hot tub and filter cartridge. The steps to take to accomplish this are as follows;
1. Cleanse the pipes. Mineraluxe Cleanse & Drain will cleanse the piping of junk (that yucky build-up of oils, greases, organics, etc..). Follow the directions on the bottle for best results. It’s best to apply Mineraluxe Cleanse & Drain 24 – 48 hours prior to draining.
2. Clean the surfaces. Use Dazzle Tub Cleanse to thoroughly clean the inside of the tub and underside of the cover. Follow label directions.
3. Clean the filter. Use Mineraluxe Filter Revive* to thoroughly cleanse your filter cartridge prior to re-use.
So, what if you recently drained and cleaned your hot tub? Just go ahead and get started on the Mineraluxe System.
This is Really Important
Part of what makes the Mineraluxe System work so well is that it’s got some pretty intense biofilm and scale removing properties. So, you may see some sloughing of scale and/or biofilm back into your hot tub water within the first few days of use. If this happens, it’s a good thing because it’s taking that stuff out of your hot tub! Just continue to operate your hot tub normally, rinse off the filter cartridge every day and the water will clear after a short period of time (1 – 3 days). If the water is cloudy, always make sure there is between 3 to 5 ppm of sanitizer, as insufficient sanitizer is another key reason hot tubs go cloudy.
‘Cause we love to repeat ourselves, we want to remind you that the hot tub water may go cloudy for 1 to 3 days after starting on the Mineraluxe System. Trust us, that’s a good thing! The first thing the Mineraluxe System does is release any biofilm, stains or scaling that has occurred in the piping, equipment or other hot tub surfaces. The filter will remove them. This unique R&R (release and remove) technique is a normal and beneficial part of converting a hot tub onto the Mineraluxe System. And, don’t panic if your hot tub doesn’t go cloudy, it’s still working.