1. In your opinion, what are the primary reasons why Mineraluxe is the best hot tub program available on the market today?
    3 principal reasons why Mineraluxe is the best system available;
    i. Ease of Use: Mineraluxe has effectively balanced the difficult task of keeping hot tub care simple and easy yet providing the performance and results that hot tub owners are looking for. With just 2 primary additions made once a week, the system fits well with hot tub owners looking to reduce the overall complexity of maintaining their hot tubs. With the weekly addition of Mineraluxe Cube and Mineraluxe Oxygen, applied at the same time, Mineraluxe keeps things simple. The only additional step is to maintain an effective sanitizer residual and to continue to maintain pH in an acceptable range, both of which should be standard practice with any hot tub system.
    ii. Performance: Mineraluxe, with its focus on Fusion Science, provides superior performance against the most common problems that affect hot tub enjoyment. Focused on prevention, the unique fusion of the all-natural mineral technologies in Mineraluxe Cube will control and remove scale and biofilm better than any other system. In addition, it will provide water that has unmatched clarity and comfort. Utilizing its unique anionic properties, Mineraluxe is able to work its way into existing scale and biofilm formations, lifting them from surfaces where they are then filtered out (remove). Following this, the mineral composition works to prevent new deposits from forming (repel). The net result is a cleaner hot tub environment that is easier to maintain, sanitize and enjoy.
    iii. Comfort: The unique mineral composition of Mineraluxe provides a bathing experience that can best be described as luxurious. Users of Mineraluxe describe it as a velvet glove being wrapped around the body. The key to the exceptional comfort is the builtin moisturizers in the system. Mineraluxe has been found to significantly reduce or eliminate the harsh, dry effects of soaking in a hot tub. The result is a mineral bath of unparalleled comfort.

  2. I find the cost of Mineraluxe to be on the high side. Is it worth the price?
    Absolutely. A hot tub is meant to be a special indulgence for their owners. Providing the best method of care for the water and tub itself allows a hot tub owner and the bathers to maximize their ‘tubbing’ experience. Let them pamper themselves with the unique advantages of the Mineraluxe System. A simple, easy system to follow, incredible comfort, amazing water clarity and the absence of problems and costly fixes really takes the stress and added cost out of ownership and maximizes the experience. The Mineraluxe System and its unique benefits are available for a typical hot tub owner for less than the cost of a daily large coffee from Tim Horton’s!

  3. What help can I expect from my retailer when choosing the Mineraluxe system?
    When purchasing the Mineraluxe System from your authorized retailer, you can expect highly trained individuals to help you. Training of our retailers is an important part of the customer service experience to ensure your ultimate satisfaction with our system is achieved. Supporting our retailers is our state-of-the-art software, called AquaAce. AquaAce is specifically programmed to help support your choice of Mineraluxe for the care of your hot tub. AquaAce and your retailer will guide you on the proper steps to take when using the Mineraluxe System. They will also provide recommendations based on a Fresh Fill or periodic Check-up with regards to properly balancing the water. AquaAce will also provide detailed instructions for a Fresh Fill start-up on Mineraluxe as well as Ongoing Maintenance instructions for the use of the Mineraluxe System. AquaAce and your retailer will only recommend products approved for use with the Mineraluxe System so you don’t have to worry about trying to match the correct products to compliment the Mineraluxe System. AquaAce and your retailer will do that for you.

  4. What is the best way to start a tub on the Mineraluxe system?
    Here is a step-by-step guide to starting a new tub on Mineraluxe:
    a. Deep cleanse the system – Use Mineraluxe Cleanse & Drain to deep cleanse the hot tub surfaces of any legacy biofilm, greases, oils, etc. Cleanse & Drain is added to the hot tub water prior to it being drained. For best results, apply 24 – 48 hours prior to draining and activate the high speed pump(s) periodically through this period.
    b. Clean the tub surfaces – Wipe down the accessible surfaces of the tub as well as the underside of the cover.
    c. Deep cleanse the filter cartridge – Use Mineraluxe Filter Revive to thoroughly cleanse the cartridge. Soak the cartridge in a solution of Filter Revive and hot water for best results. Follow label directions. It is also recommended that another treatment be done 3 – 5 days following initial set-up.
    d. Refill the hot tub.
    e. Properly balance the hot tub water. Specifically, balance Total Alkalinity, pH and Calcium Hardness to desired levels. If in a high Total Alkalinity area, proceed to the next step after the 1st addition of pH decreaser .
    f. Once the water is balanced, add 2 Mineraluxe Cube for hot tubs up to 500 gallons in volume. Apply directly into the skimmer basket or filter compartment with the high speed pump operating. For volumes greater than 500 gallons, apply 1 additional Mineraluxe Cube for each additional 250 gallons.
    g. Immediately following the addition of the Mineraluxe Cube, apply 1 pouch of Mineraluxe Oxygen per 300 gallons of water. Cut the top of the pouch off with scissors and apply by sprinkling across the hot tub water with the high speed pump operating. Leave the cover off for a minimum of 15 minutes.
    h. Test your bromine or chlorine residual and adjust to the level recommended on your sanitizer label. Fast dissolving Mineraluxe Brominating Granules will instantly establish or boost the bromine level when needed. Mineraluxe Stabilized Chlorinating Granules will instantly establish or boost your chlorine level when needed. Once your bromine or chlorine residual is established, apply Mineraluxe Brominating Tablets or Mineraluxe Chlorinating Tablets to a floater or alternate feed method to maintain the desired level continuously.

  5. Once I’ve successfully set-up, what is required to maintain my hot tub on the Mineraluxe system?
    Here is a step-by-step guide to maintaining a tub on Mineraluxe:
    a. Once a week, apply 1 Mineraluxe Cube per 500 gallons of hot tub water. For smaller volumes (<250 gallons) or hot tubs with infrequent use, the dosage may need to be modified to 1 Cube every 2 weeks.
    b. Following the addition of the Mineraluxe Cube, apply 1 pouch of Mineraluxe Oxygen per 300 gallons of hot tub water. Cut the top of the pouch off with scissors and sprinkle into water with pump running. Leave the cover off for a minimum of 15 minutes.
    c. Maintain proper water balance by testing and adjusting pH regularly and TA, CH on a periodic basis.
    d. Maintain the bromine or chlorine residual as recommended on your sanitizer label. When low, instantly boost with Mineraluxe Brominating Granules for bromine systems or Mineraluxe Stabilized Chlorinating Granules for chlorine systems.
    e. Keep your filter cartridge working properly by rinsing once per week and performing a Mineraluxe Filter Revive treatment once per month.
    f. Once the hot tub has been set-up and operating successfully on the Mineraluxe system, the use of Mineraluxe Cleanse & Drain prior to each draining would no longer be required. This treatment would only be needed for specific problem solving purposes and at the recommendation of your Mineraluxe retailer.

  6. How do I apply Mineraluxe Cube and what is the dosage rate?
    Mineraluxe Cube are best added into the hot tub skimmer, if available, with the high speed pump operating. This ensures the fast dissolving of the Cube and prevents any components of the Cube from floating on the water surface. Alternatively, if a skimmer is not available, the Cube can be placed in any area where there is rapid water movement and as close to a suction intake as possible. If the Cube can be placed directly into the filter compartment, that is another acceptable method. Always apply with the help of the high speed pump circulating the water. Mineraluxe Cube will dissolve in a matter of 10 – 20 minutes, depending on temperature and circulation. Due to the unique fusion of mineral components, the Cube will not dissolve evenly as some components will dissolve faster than others. The correct dosage rate for Mineraluxe Cube is as follows:
    Fresh Fill: 2 Mineraluxe Cube per 500 gallons of hot tub water
    Weekly Maintenance: 1 Mineraluxe Cube per 500 gallons. In smaller volumes (<250 gallons) and/or hot tubs with infrequent bather usage, the application of Mineraluxe Cube can be changed to 1 Cube every other week.

  7. How do I determine the optimal application method for the Mineraluxe Cube for my specific hot tub?
    The best way to determine the optimum application method is to meet with your Mineraluxe retailer to review the make and model of hot tub that you own. At this time, you can review any unique aspects of your tub and decide accordingly. Remember, the goal in applying the Mineraluxe Cube is to maximize the flow of water across the Cube and move any undissolved components of the Cube into the filtration system as quickly as possible where they can ‘time-release’ into the water.

  8. I’ve noticed after adding my Cube(s), there are some floating pieces that don’t dissolve immediately. Is this normal and what, if anything, should I do?
    Due to the unique fusion of components in the Mineraluxe Cube, the ingredients do not all dissolve at the same time, especially if the Cube is placed in the footwell and/or without the high speed pump in operation. For this reason, it is possible for there to be some floating pieces of the Cube that will require some time to filter out. If possible, always add the Cube into a skimmer or other area that is close to a suction inlet to allow the Cube ingredients to either dissolve quickly or enter the filtration system. The slower dissolving components will then be caught in the filter cartridge and ‘time-release’ into the hot tub water. Should you see some floating pieces of the Cube shortly after addition, it is best to move those pieces to a place where they will enter the filtration system and be caught in the filter. This can be a normal part of the dissolving of a Cube and can vary somewhat from Cube to Cube. The performance of the Mineraluxe System is unaffected by the different dissolving rates of the Cube components.

  9. Are these floating pieces harmful to me or my hot tub?
    No, they are not harmful in any way. The Mineraluxe Cube components are perfectly safe should any pieces come in contact with a bather. Simply wipe them off or break them up with your fingers. The floating pieces should eventually dissolve once captured in the filter cartridge and can do no damage to the hot tub or any parts of the hot tub. To eliminate or reduce the incidence of this, please refer to the application instructions in Question #6.

  10. Can Mineraluxe be used in a salt chlorinated or salt brominated hot tub?
    Yes. Mineraluxe is compatible with both salt chlorinated and salt brominated hot tubs. The unique scale removal and prevention properties of the ‘all natural’ Mineraluxe System make it ideal for these disinfection methods. The dosage rate wouldn’t change for salt systems for Mineraluxe Cube and Oxygen. The Mineraluxe sanitizing product wouldn’t be required in a properly functioning salt chlorine or salt bromine environment.

  11. Can Mineraluxe be used in a swimspa?
    Yes, Mineraluxe can be used in a swimspa and will provide useful benefits to the owner and bathers. Dosage rates will vary based on the temperature the water is maintained at as well as the location (indoor or outdoor) and the bather load. As a starting suggestion for swimspas, use 1 Mineraluxe Cube per 750 gallons of water weekly. Adjust this dosage rate up or down based on results. The initial dosage rate for starting a new body of water would be equal to 2 times the weekly dosage. The dosage rate for Mineraluxe Oxygen would be the equivalent of 1 Oxygen pouch per Mineraluxe Cube used on a weekly basis.

  12. I noticed during the 1st week of setting up my tub on Mineraluxe that my sanitizer residual ran lower than normal or ran out completely. What caused this?
    One of the benefits of the Mineraluxe System is that it generally requires less quantity of chlorine or bromine to maintain the water than the previous system employed. However, during the 1st week of using Mineraluxe, the demand for bromine or chlorine in the water may actually increase. The reason for this is the unique ‘cleansing’ action of the Mineraluxe components. When Mineraluxe is used for the 1st time, legacy oils, greases, scale deposits, biofilm, etc. can be released from the hot tub surfaces, entering the hot tub water. This can be an indicator of the overall effectiveness of your prior system or methods in maintaining a ‘clean’ hot tub, even in the hidden areas. Now that these undesirable wastes are in the water, bromine or chlorine will try to break them down, increasing the consumption rate of your sanitizer. This is a short-lived phenomenon as the combination of effective filtration and oxidizing power of Mineraluxe Oxygen, with the bromine or chlorine residual, will remove them from the water. During the 1st week of establishing a hot tub on Mineraluxe, test the sanitizer residual daily and increase the bromine or chlorine residual as needed to maintain the residual at 3 – 5 ppm. This is only required the very first time a hot tub is switched to the Mineraluxe System and not with subsequent fresh fill set-ups. The benefit of Mineraluxe is a ‘squeeky clean’ hot tub and to achieve this, any legacy deposits have to be removed.

  13. I’ve noticed since I’ve moved to the Mineraluxe System that my sanitizer level is running higher? Why is this and what should I do about it?
    Yes, it is normal to see sanitizer levels running higher once moving to the Mineraluxe System and completing the initial set-up. The overall effectiveness of the system significantly reduces the demand for chlorine or bromine so, left unchanged, the residual will run at a higher level. It is our recommendation that the number of bromine or chlorine tablets, or the quantity of bromine or chlorine granules you add, be reduced to compensate for the reduced requirement. This may take some trial and error with your test kit in the beginning, but it is normal to see a minimum 50% reduction in the quantity of sanitizer required. The impressive activity of the Mineraluxe products, working synergistically, reduces the amount of chlorine or bromine required for sanitation. The ideal level remains unchanged at 3 – 5 ppm but the quantity required to maintain these levels reduces dramatically. A useful analogy would be a dramatic improvement in gas mileage with your vehicle. It is prudent to advise a new customer starting on the Mineraluxe System to reduce their sanitizer addition accordingly to compensate for the reduced need.

  14. What is the effect of the Mineraluxe system on TDS?
    The Mineraluxe System is a mineral-based system. As a result, it does operate at TDS levels higher than our Botanical-based system. It is also true that the TDS will climb at a faster rate than our Botanical-based system as time goes on and more Mineraluxe products are added. Historically, we have used TDS to tell us the ‘age’ of the water and when it has become ‘tired.’ Draining and starting over with fresh water of a lower TDS restores the effectiveness and results of traditional systems. However, with Mineraluxe, the mineral addition to TDS is actually the effective aspect of the system. This unique mineral composition contributes to TDS but in a good, effective way. Therefore, with the Mineraluxe System, we allow TDS levels to increase beyond what we would with more traditional, synthetic chemical-based systems. AquaAce will allow TDS levels up to 2,500 ppm when Mineraluxe is the system in use and your Mineraluxe retailer will be able to guide you on draining frequency.

  15. With the Mineraluxe system, I notice under extreme aeration and agitation of the water that it can cloud with tiny air bubbles that disappear immediately upon shutting off the pump. What is that?
    One of the unique aspects of the Mineraluxe System is the effect the mineral composition has on water. Depending on the strength of the pump and the concentration of air being injected for hydrotherapy, this can activate the ability of your Mineraluxe System to improve the hydrotherapy experience through ‘micro-bubble enhancement.’ The dramatic reduction in the size of the air bubbles creates a more intense experience and causes them to reside longer in the hot tub water. Once the pumps are turned off, the micro bubbles percolate back out of the water, restoring its crystal clear appearance. This is one of the unique advantages of the Mineraluxe System, leading to the most enjoyable and comfortable experience available.

  16. Can I overdose a hot tub on the Mineraluxe system?
    With smaller volume hot tubs (<250 gallons) or hot tubs that are not used with normal frequency, the key Mineraluxe components may accumulate to a point where the water takes on a milky, frothy appearance when the high speed pump is activated and under high aeration. This would be far more significant than the micro bubble effect that is often seen in a properly functioning system. In this situation, change the Mineraluxe Cube application to 1 Cube every 2 weeks instead of every week to allow the concentration of the unique mineral salts in Mineraluxe to reduce to the correct levels.

  17. Shortly after starting on the Mineraluxe system, my water went cloudy and took a couple days to clear. What happened?
    When starting on the Mineraluxe System, 2 Mineraluxe Cube (for hot tubs up to 500 gallons) are added to the water to provide an initial concentration of the Cube technology. As this unique mineral fusion system has intense scale, biofilm and other waste removal capabilities, any waste that was ‘hidden’ in the system will be liberated into the water over the first couple of days. In most cases, it will not be significant enough to be noticed. If significant enough, however, it can cloud the water and consume any sanitizer residual present. Should this happen, allow the water to circulate for longer periods and the waste will filter out. Also, test the pH and sanitizer level frequently and adjust as needed. This should see the water restored to a crystal clear, inviting appearance. Although this may be concerning to new users, it is an essential benefit of the Mineraluxe System. Squeeky clean surfaces allow the Mineraluxe System to operate with a far reduced consumption of chlorine or bromine as well as provide clean, odourless, luxurious water for the bathers to soak in. Should the water go cloudy and then clear, it is recommended the filter cartridge be cleansed with Mineraluxe Filter Revive once the water has cleared.

  18. My pH tends to run at the higher end of the pH scale. Is this a problem with Mineraluxe?
    The optimum pH with any hot tub water management system is within the range of 7.4 – 7.6. Some hot tubs tend to operate at the high end of the test kit range and have a significant acid demand when trying to reduce. In these situations, Mineraluxe is an ideal system as it provides consistent results throughout the upper ranges of 7.8 – 8.2. With traditional systems, scale becomes a more significant concern as pH rises above 8.0 but with Mineraluxe, its scale removal and repulsion range extends beyond 9 on the pH scale. In addition, with chlorine systems, combined chlorine or chloramines, are very difficult to form, maintaining free available chlorine in the desired state. This is not an issue with bromine due to its excellent biocidal activity at higher pH levels. Although we still recommend that the pH be managed within the ideal range of 7.4 – 7.6, many hot tub owners find this difficult to attain and a higher operating pH on the Mineraluxe System continues to provide excellent results, even with a chlorine sanitizing system. It is our belief that pH will be easier to maintain with the Mineraluxe System given the significant reduction in chlorine or bromine required to maintain 3 – 5 ppm. Since the application of the sanitizer can be one of the most significant factors in shifting pH, a reduced demand for sanitizer should result in less movement of the pH. Finally, the pH of the Mineraluxe Cube product is approx. 7.5 – 7.8 and the pH of Mineraluxe Oxygen is approx. 7.0.

  19. I’ve noticed since starting on Mineraluxe that my calcium levels tend to decrease over time. Is this normal?
    It is normal for calcium hardness levels to slowly decrease when on the Mineraluxe System. The anionic salts in Mineraluxe prevent scale by migrating into calcium complexes and replacing the negative ion. This can lead to a situation where calcium compounds are slowly filtered from the water. Periodic testing of calcium hardness levels ensures the proper level of 100 – 200 ppm will be maintained. At higher calcium hardness levels, this effect will be more pronounced and an increase in buffering effect in the water will be noticed.

  20. With Mineraluxe, am I able to continue to use fragrances, scents and aromatherapy products?
    Fragrances, scents and aromatherapy products that are based on a liquid, oil base should be used sparingly, if at all. The unique fusion aspect of Mineraluxe reacts with oils to effectively cleanse them from the water. Mineral-based products would be preferable for use with Mineraluxe.

  21. Prior to starting on Mineraluxe, what pretreatments should I undertake?
    It is best to start on the Mineraluxe System following a proper draining and cleaning of the hot tub. Mineraluxe Cleanse & Drain effectively cleans the pipes of waste and a deep cleanse of the filter cartridge with Mineraluxe Filter Revive ensures effective filtration when the tub is refilled and started on the Mineraluxe System. Both of these treatments are recommended prior to starting on the Mineraluxe System. If a proper draining and cleansing of the tub is not possible, you can start on the Mineraluxe System during the middle of a cycle. When starting mid-cycle, it is more likely that some ‘removal’ of scale, biofilm and other matter will occur and be visible in the hot tub water (see Question #17). Should this occur, it would be considered a ‘good thing’ as it is thoroughly cleansing the tub of any legacy accumulations.

  22. How should I store my Mineraluxe products to ensure their effectiveness when I go to use them?
    As with most hot tub products, storage and handling is as simple as the following;
    • Always keep lids on and tightly closed when not in use
    • Keep in cool, dry environments
    • Keep hands dry when handling contents of any product
    • Wash hands thoroughly immediately after handling any product
    • Do not mix any product in their concentrated state